Monday, 3 October 2011

CHAPTER 89-a hard sunday


i lost my handphone
my ic
my student card
my atm card
my house keys
and some of my money.

it was a HARD weekend
i cried
i feel weak
but i know

when HE takes something from us
HE must have prepared something better to give

i said to myself
please sabar and yakin to ALLAH's promise

and then i prayed
"O ALLAH, if this is kafarah for my sins, then forgive me
if this is a test, then give me patience and strength
help me to go through this."

and i maybe can't go through this alone 
thanks to laila, kak syikin, kak afifah, kak tirah, kak pa (azierah),kak mira and especially syafiq and nik as 'co-driver' sebab sudi hantar aku ke balai polis utk buat report.

im touched.

a lot of things to do. but, chillax ah kan? HE is always by our side.

p/s : suddenly teringat pesan fariz dulu, jgn letak barang berharga dalam dompet. letak kat tempat lain. tulah, budak degil mmg mcm ni.

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